Mindsetting Books blog with the integrated Mindsettingbooks shop is for all you people who want to change!


Change what?

Anything you like! The focus of the topics of Mindsetting Books is concentrated on self-help, building self-confidance, resilience and the power of positive thinking! So if you are in a situation you want to change, make a difference and stand out with your personality, you are at the right spot!

Nearly all the titles are coming with some bonuses, so you can effectively begin your journey to be the best self you can be.



What can you expect? What to change?

The topic may vary but the goal is the same: to help and educate about the meaning of self-love! Because if you do love yourself, than you have reached the summit of self- fulfillment.

The books and posts are the mini-steps you need to go on your journey to be who you want to be!

And, think about that, if you only change 1 % a day you have changed 365 % in just one year!!

I welcome you to help you with your goals and dreams, so that you can rely on the truths of the power of self-development and sooner or later rely only on you and your own strengths!

Because starting alone is so frustrating, you know what you want but aren´t able to get there. No shame in this, it´s how anybody feels. Because you need at least some resources to summon strength and the willpower to make some big changes.

So please take a look at my articles and my shop, I´m so sure that the content will be helpful to you.

If you have some suggestions or questions or anything other related to my favourite topic, self-help and how to build a stronger personality, then please contact me!

i love to discuss about a topic where there is no right or wrong, only opinions, from which everyone profits in a dialog. Looking forward to see you here again!

A new extra is Mindsettingcourses!

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New courses!Building Resilience and Building More Resilience

Are you often asking yourself how to overcome all of your struggles? Are you unsure? Do you need more inner strength?

Everybody faces those questions at times. So here is a course fitting perfectly for you which can bring you to more resilience, more strength and more happiness!

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Learn The Secret Of Being ConfidentSee For Yourself What You Will Be Capable Of!

See how your life can change with boosting your self-confidence!

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