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Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

E-book: 25 Pages

No doubt like so many others you struggle to lose weight. Being one of the largest
markets out there, there are countless weight loss products, programs and equipment
to be had.

How much money have you wasted on them? And what really works?

Are you frustrated and fed up with all the methods, diets and pills you have tried? Don’t
make your weight loss more complicated than it is, and don’t be down on yourself for
failing in the past. There is a way – you can lose the weight you want to!

With our busy lives, and more and more technology being introduced all the time along
with the conveniences of fast food, it sure is hard to stay active and eat a healthy,
balanced diet.

But if you know how to do it, it can be done, even with a busy lifestyle.

Weight loss- what is your way?

Everyone is busy in their own ways, so there has to be a way for everyone, right?

As you may have figured out, weight loss and staying fit are eternally linked. The less
active you are, the easier it is to gain weight, especially as you grow older. But when you
are active and you have a raised metabolism, you may just start losing the weight without even realizing it at first.

We are going to look at all the reasons why we gain weight, who we need to talk to
when we decide we are ready to lose the weight, why keeping yourself on a schedule
actually helps you to lose the weight, weight loss secrets, plus many other subjects that
will help you to learn how to finally take the weight off and keep it off – once and for all!

Achieving your Weight Loss Goals

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Heal Yourself

Heal yourself – get the best out of you

E-book: 37 Pages

I am so tired of all the negativity around me! Are you? This world is toxic and it is sick. I hate watching the news, reading the newspaper or even interacting with my neighbors.

I don’t want to appear antisocial. I genuinely love people. But this world has made us cold and cruel.

The result is a society of unhappy people. Well over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Well over 50% of all young adults do not even believe in marriage.

We need to get back to the days where it was easy to talk to strangers and it was unnatural not to be polite.

Back to the days where people actually believed in love and looked out for their neighbors. We need to start loving ourselves again.

We each need to be the change we wish to see in the world. We need to heal ourselves and start loving ourselves again.


Happy people are successful people. This is simply because being happy makes it easy to stay motivated to reaching your goals.

Your thoughts have a very significant impact on the life you lead and the quality of the relationships you will have with familymembers, friends, and significant others.

Some even reason that our thoughts and beliefs can have an even stronger effect on our health than modern medicine.

Heal Yourself

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Path To Positive Thinking

E-Book: 28 Pages A lot of books have been written on the subject, seminars have been held and people pay a lot of money to attend these seminars and buythese books this only reflects on one thing; people want to achieve  success and they are aware of the fact that the only way to achieve this success is through having a positive or optimistic attitude.   The word positive itself means dealing with facts, viewing these factsin a positive manner. Others may say positive thinking is always looking at the bright side of every situation no matter how unfavorable it may be. Optimism and happiness are associated with positive thinkers. 

What is Postive Thinking?

 Positive thinking is a skill that can be taught and acquired by anyone;it is a tool that can help you reach your goals, deadlines and dreams.  Remez Sasson later labeled positive thinking as the act of reviewingthought processes and personal actions for areas that needimprovement and for areas with negative implications, and thenusing the appropriate tools to change those thoughts or actions in a positive, goal-oriented way.  

What is Positive Thinking?

 Basically positive thinking is identifying the negative thoughts in yourmind dealing with them by realizing that the negative implicationsmay hinder success and eliminating them from our minds. With a positive attitude failure may slow you down but it will not stopyou from arriving at your destination which is success

Heal Yourself

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New courses!Building Resilience and Building More Resilience

Are you often asking yourself how to overcome all of your struggles? Are you unsure? Do you need more inner strength?

Everybody faces those questions at times. So here is a course fitting perfectly for you which can bring you to more resilience, more strength and more happiness!