2 Challenges: Awesome Self-Improvement Strategies and how to better cope with fear

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What challenges are we facing in the time of our lifes?

People have different backgrounds and different types of upbringing. During the journey of life, we develop and pick up habits, tendencies and inclinations, which become deeply embedded into our being as the years go by. Then comes a time when we realize that success demands that we lay down some of the habits and tendencies we have comfortably lived with all our lives.

This is when we lazily drag our feet to the starting point of a journey we are not sure we will complete; self-improvement. Self-improvement is not an easy journey, and it really works against the grain of what you believe in or want to believe in. it often transcends the norm in our lives and brings in a new us altogether.

Life is a challenge

Life is a challenging journey studded with problems and challenges here and there. At times, we tend to cringe and defend ourselves from the difficulties we face; at other times, we get on the offensive and start doing weird things to counter the effect of these challenges. However, facing these challenges and using the right tools is what is usually required if we are ever going to be successful.

This is not to say that discouragement will not come or that when it comes it shows weakness on your part. It is common for you to reach a point where you are sure that your journey of self-improvement has been or needs to be called off. The big question is how you handle it.

In his book, “Born to Win”, Lewis Timberlake says, “It is not what happens but how you react to what happens that separates winners from losers and the successful from the unsuccessful.” This can’t be better said, because it is the absolute truth. Every person has his own share of challenges to deal with every single day, but those who choose to face it positively usually emerge that day’s winners.


As a matter of fact, there lies an opportunity in every challenge; no challenge comes empty handed, without its reward at hand. For instance, who would have thought that the rude interruption of Isaac Newton’s sleep by an apple from a tree hitting his head would lead to the all-time discovery of the gravity principle, which today is used in almost every technological concept?

Environmental pollution by garbage is a problem, and many people are making thousands of dollars a day by just solving the problem through garbage collection, safe disposal, recycling, et cetera. Every need presents an opportunity.

Overcoming fear as a challenge

When you are thinking about fear-management, the one thing you have to steadily keep in mind is that fear is something that is universal. You aren’t the only one who fears something, however inconsequential the fear might seem.

If you are frightened of butterflies, you should know that you aren’t the only one who does so. But, at the same time, the vast multitude of people aren’t frightened of butterflies at all. They, in fact, think of them as beautiful. They hold them, touch them and play with them too.

And the same applies for any kind of fear. Are you frightened of snakes? Or bungee jumping? Why are these things scaring you? Don’t you see so many nature experts dauntlessly allowing snakes to slither on their shoulders? Or don’t you see so many seemingly frail people just letting themselves go off a cliff?

What is Fear?

Fear, though it is universal and claims a lot of people’s way of living, is, after all, an individual thing. It is a state of mind. It is your state of mind. When you were born, you did not have any fear. Look at infants. They would readily and playfully go near a snake if they were allowed to. There is no fear at that stage. Where does it come in then?

It develops later in life. We condition ourselves to think that a cockroach is dirty and fearsome and hence we have to be frightened of it. We deem that driving is difficult and people die on account of that, and we become paranoid of driving. Every fear stems in the way we condition ourselves to think.


If that weren’t the case, all of us would have been frightened of the same things. Now, that does not happen, does it? Someone is frightened of corpses but then there are people who would live with them very easily and without the slightest shred of fear in them. Or, there are people who are frightened of fire and then there are firefighters who do anything to overcome it and save people.

Fear resides in our minds. And, it is possible for us to condition our minds in such a way that we can overcome that fear. It is possible to go around our fear and even remove it from our mind completely so that we can live a fuller, more balanced life. But, we all to all make a beginning. The beginning is through taking action and improving the way in which we lead our lives.

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